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( trip′ə-nə-sōma )




a trypanosome.


[< Gr. trypanon borer; + some (body)]

  1. a trypanosome.
  2. Any organisms that are classified as single-celled flagellate protozoa that live in the blood of man and other vertebrate animals and lead to serious disease such as the sleeping sickness.
  3. Any microscopic flagellate in the genus Trypanosoma of flagellate infusorians infesting the blood of humans and some other animals. They destroy red corpuscles and lead to serious disease, some fatal, such as the sleeping sickness.
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Protozoa
Phylum Sarcomastigophora
Subphylum Mastigophora – flagellated protozoans
Class Zoomastigophora
Order Kinetoplastida
Suborder Trypanosomatina


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  • Trypanosomatina, Taxonomic Serial No.: 43833
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