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( ēlgras′ )
( ēlgräs )



A marine plant with long narrow leaves which grows under water in shallow ocean inlets especially in the North Atlantic.

Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Plantae – Vegetal, plants
Subkingdom Viridaeplantae – green plants
Infrakingdom Streptophyta – land plants
Division Tracheophyta – vascular plants, tracheophytes
Subdivision Spermatophytina – spermatophytes, seed plants
Infradivision Angiospermae – flowering plants, angiosperms
Class Magnoliopsida
Superorder Lilianae – monocots, monocotyledons, monocotylédones
Order Alismatales
Family Zosteraceae – eel grass, eelgrass
Genus Zostera L. – eelgrass
Direct Children:
Species Zostera asiatica Miki
Species Zostera japonica Asch. & Graebn. – dwarf eelgrass
Species Zostera marina L. – eelgrass, seawrack
Species Zostera noltii Hornem.


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