Ameba or Amoeba

Pronunciation key

( ə-mēbə )



[pl. AMEBAS (-bəz), AMEBAE (-bē)]

[<NL <Gk. amoibē change]

  1. also spelled, amoeba
  2. any one of the genus Amoeba, composed of unicellular micro-organisms of the Phylum Protozoa and Superclass Sarcodina (Rhizopoda). Typically found in stagnant water, and sometimes acts as a parasite on other animals. It is of an indefinate shape, changing as it moves to feed through action of pseudopodia. Its method of reproduction is by simple division of one individual cell into two separate organisms.
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Protozoa
Phylum Protozoa
Subphylum Sarcodina
Superclass Rhizopoda
Class Lobosa – amoebas, amibes
Direct Children:
Order Amoebida
Order Arcellinida
Order Euamoebida

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