1. Among the ciliate protozoa in the Class Ciliata. Locomotion is achieved through cilia. Some species are ciliated only after division or encystment, others at all times. Reproduction is achieved through conjugation or binary fission. An example is Paramecium caudatum, a unicellular organism found in freshwater ponds.
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Protozoa
Phylum Ciliophora
Class Ciliatea
Subclass Spirotricha
Order Oligotrichida
Family Stentoridae
Genus Stentor
Direct Children:
Species Stentor amethystinus
Species Stentor coeruleus Ehr.
Species Stentor igneus Ehr.
Species Stentor introversus
Species Stentor mulleri
Species Stentor multiformis (Mull.)
Species Stentor niger Mull.
Species Stentor polymorphus (Mull.)
Species Stentor pyriformis Johns.
Species Stentor roeseli Ehr.


  • The American Peoples Encyclopedia, ©1960
  • Stentor, Taxonomic Serial No.: 46596
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